Executive Committee

Chair: Liz Moran

Vice Chair: Vacant

Vice Chair: Martha Belden Moore

Treasurer: Judith Nicholson

Secretary: Tammy Hayes

Region 1 Vice Chair: Kristi Andersen

    (Region 1: Towns of Cazenovia, DeRuyter, Fenner, Georgetown, Nelson)

Region 2 Vice Chair: Pam Fuller

    (Region 2: Towns of Brookfield, Eaton, Hamilton, Lebanon, Madison, Smithfield)

Region 3 Vice Chair: Carolyn Hall

    (Region 3: City of Oneida and Town of Stockbridge)

Region 4 Vice Chair: Laura Martino

    (Region 4: Towns of Lenox, Lincoln, Sullivan)

Chair, Fundraising and Events Committee: Elizabeth Ross

Chair, Communications Committee: Corey Mosher

Chair, Candidate Recruitment & Campaign Support Committee: John Nichols

Chair:  Membership Committee: Kelly Gardner Williamson

State Committee: Margaret Milman-Barris

State Committee: Roger Saltman

Past Chair: Mike Oot