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2019 Candidates

Brookfield Town Supervisor

Loren Corbin

Brookfield Town Council

Kathleen Peerman

Joseph Walker

Cazenovia Town Supervisor

Bill Zupan

Cazenovia Town Council

Jimmy Golub

Eaton Town Supervisor

Mike Johnston

Eaton Town Council

Ross Whitford

Georgetown Highway Superintendent

Terry Rounds

Hamilton Town Supervisor

Eve Ann Shwartz

Hamilton Town Council

Darrel Griff

Lebanon Town Supervisor

Jim Goldstein

Lebanon Town Council

Marie Morgan

Chadwick Nower

Lebanon Town Clerk

Joann Collins

Lenox Town Council

Scott Blanchard

Al Williamson Jr

Lenox Town Justice

Nick Ghezzi

Madison Town Justice

Michael Hynes

Nelson Town Supervisor

Roger Bradstreet

Nelson Town Council

Nancy Demyttenaere

Tammy Hayes

Oneida Mayor

Jim Chamberlain

Oneida City Chamberlain

Nancy Andrews

Oneida City Council

Al Cohen, Ward 1

Mike Bowe, Ward 2

Jim Coulthart, Ward 3

Randy Jones, Ward 5

Oneida City Judge

Melissa Stearns

Oneida Supervisor

Margaret Milman-Barris, District 1

John Nichols, District 1

Joe Magliocca, District 2

Max Smith, District 2

Smithfield Town Supervisor

Carol Lasicki

Smithfield Town Council

Jim Corpin

Nell Ziegler

Smithfield Highway Superintendent

Dan Davis

Sullivan Town Supervisor

Doug Weaver

Sullivan Town Council

Derrick Pratt